About Our School

Broxton-Mary Hayes Elementary School

Coffee County School System’s Mission:  Destination Graduation for College, Career and Life

Our mission is the purpose for which we exist as a school system.

Coffee County School System’s Vision:  Creating a stronger community through an equitable and excellent education for every student.

Our vision describes a future state to which we aspire as a school system.


Broxton-Mary Hayes Elementary is a public, rural elementary school serving students in Pre-K through Sixth grade. In 1990, Broxton-Mary Hayes Elementary was established and served students in Pre-Kindergarten through Fifth grade. In 2016, due to Charter System flexibility, the Sixth grade was added.  Broxton-Mary Hayes Elementary has been a Title I Distinguished School and Beat the Odds School for over the last few years and currently maintains this recognition.

     Broxton-Mary Hayes Elementary currently consists of one principal, one assistant principal, one academic coach, one media specialist, one counselor, twenty teachers, six paraprofessionals, one nurse, one day porter custodian, four nutrition services personnel, one secretary, one computer operator, and six bus drivers. Teacher attendance at Broxton-Mary Hayes Elementary is excellent with an average of 98.17%. The 354 students at Broxton-Mary Hayes Elementary are divided into 16 classrooms. The average daily attendance for students is 95.6%.

     Parental Involvement is essential for success to be attainable at our school; therefore, it remains a focus as we make strides to push for academic excellence. Parents are involved in school business and decision making through our School Governance Council, PTO, Parent-Teacher Conferences, Open House, and Specific Family Activity Nights.   Several of the parent communication opportunities were suggested by parents through surveys input.

    Broxton-Mary Hayes is a loving community school that has embraced the slogan "Team Broxton!  Aiming for Excellence!  GAME ON!” It is our aim to ensure that every student understands that success is attainable for each of them.  Our stakeholders join and support in showing students just how important they are to us.  We appreciate our community and business partners who help bring success to our school on a regular basis.  Our overall goal is to bring to life the mission and vision of the Coffee County School System for every student that we are blessed to encounter.  We look forward to a great school term and anticipate great successes as we aim to exceed expectations!